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If our city council member had simply asked the community, we wouldn't be in this mess. It's outrageous that an elected official allocated capital funds to a project without asking the immediate community most affected.

If elected, Mel will work to freeze public funding until full public hearings can be held and there is a master plan to fully mitigate any impacts to neighbors, including park space. If built, the impact on neighbors and businesses from traffic congestion, construction noise, pollution, and future increased foot and bus traffic must be fully accounted for in the impact analysis. Further, the proposed center must use sustainable energy practices.

As a member of the Community Board, Mel advocated to expand the scope of the environmental impact assessment of this project. He urged the museum to assess smaller, low-impact alternatives, and to study the project's impacts on the park and surrounding community. Finally, Mel supported and continues to support the community's advocacy to shrink the initial plan, which originally extended all the way to Columbus Avenue.


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