Mel has been a member of Community Board 7 for 21 years, during which time he served as chair of the board and chair of the budget and strategy committee. Mel is intimately familiar with New York City’s budgeting process.


In 2011, Mel served on the citywide steering committee that introduced participatory budgeting to New York City, because he knows that we should all have a voice in how our tax dollars are spent.


What Mel Will Do About It

  1. Take participatory budgeting to the next level by incorporating voters’ voices into the overall $85 billion budget, rather than restricting it to $1 million.

  2. Collaborate with community leaders and state-level elected officials to identify forgotten needs and ensure that our tax dollars are being used for maximum impact.

  3. Make budget data transparent and understandable for citizen review.


What Mel Has Already Done

  1. Helped bring participatory budgeting to New York City.

  2. Twice successfully advocated to increase the budget for all 59 community boards.

  3. Brought together Manhattan’s community boards to streamline the budgeting process, improve collection and presentation of district needs, and integrate budget priorities.


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