CEC3 School Rezoning

The best schools are the ones where parents have a real say. As involved parents, we know how important it is that our children’s school is safe and nurturing, and provides the personal attention they need.


Every child should be able to attend an excellent public school near home. Further, every child in New York City should attend a school where their fellow students reflect the rich diversity of our neighborhoods. The only way to fulfill this vision is for parents, teachers, and students to be included in the decision-making process. We cannot dictate to communities what’s best for them instead of elevating their voices.


The changes to school assignments last year did not meet this standard. As on so many other issues, the current council member is missing in action when it comes to listening to her constituents.


If elected, Mel will call for an immediate district-wide redistricting to develop a fair, workable, and inclusive approach which includes the northern schools excluded from the top-down, bureaucrat-led assignment system introduced in 2016. Mel will also support the development of a city-wide plan for permanent long-term desegregation, particularly our segregated housing system.


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