Core Principles

Mel is committed to serving the residents, institutions, businesses, visitors, and other stakeholders of Manhattan’s Upper West Side, according to the following principles:


INCLUSION: valuing diversity, consideration of others, and promotion of the common good.


QUALITY OF LIFE: pursuing the availability and continuous improvement of resources, infrastructure, public space, programs, services, and economic, socio-cultural, and educational opportunities that foster safe and active healthy living for all.


SUSTAINABILITY: respecting those who came before us, and those who have yet to arrive; promoting policies and practices that are economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable for generations to come.


INTERDEPENDENCE: understanding our place in the world, recognizing that our interests, resources, and actions connect us with communities and ecosystems across the globe; embracing policies and practices that allow all communities to thrive.


PARTICIPATION: fostering honest, transparent, responsive, and democratic governance, collaborative engagement, and the right of every person to be informed and heard, even in the context of respectful disagreement.