Mel has a long record of standing up to real estate special interests. Mel took on one of the biggest developers in the city and won us the school at Riverside Center, 600 units of permanent affordable housing, and $20 million for the expansion of Riverside Park―in total, hundreds of millions of dollars in tangible benefits for our community. Mel is the only candidate in this race who owes nothing to real estate developershe has returned donations from developers who attempt to donate to his campaign.


If we want the Upper West Side to remain a great place to live, we must stand up to big real estate. Unrestricted development has replaced affordable housing, pushed out our neighbors, overcrowded our schools, and driven out the small local businesses we've relied on for years. If we don’t act now, the essential character of the West Side will change irreversibly.


What Mel Will Do About It

  1. Reform zoning to include community review of all high-density developments.

  2. Require public disclosure of all transfers of development rights.

  3. Prohibit bad-acting landlords from acquiring new permits.​

  4. Enact height limits to stop new tall buildings.


What Mel Has Already Done

  1. Staved off the sale of air rights over a park, and instead negotiated funds to rebuild the Gertrude Ederle Recreation Center on 59th Street.

  2. Forced the developers of Riverside Center to include 600 units of permanent affordable housing, the first new Upper West Side public school in 30 years, and $20 million for Riverside Park.

  3. Successfully advocated for historic districts that promote rational development and preserve neighborhood character.


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