Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a would-be autocratic oligarch and an existential threat to our vulnerable neighbors. The City Council is our last line of defense, but unlike Council Members in other parts of the city, our council member has failed to organize our community to fight back. Mel is working with organizers across New York to stand up to Trump. He’ll help us mobilize to protect our community.


As a transgender person, Mel understands how it feels to be excluded, singled out, and marginalized. As our representative, he’ll fight every day to ensure that every one of us is heard, seen, and protected. We must be vigilant, take initiative, and most of all, organize for action right here in New York.


What Mel Will Do About It

  1. Put in place hard rules to ensure that every New Yorker - including women, religious and racial minorities, undocumented immigrants, and the LGBT community - is protected and served by our city.

  2. Organize our local community to fight back - as other members of the City Council are doing - and reclaim progressive control of our state.

  3. Unite our fractured neighborhood.


What Mel Has Already Done

  1. As a leader with United Thru Action, Mel continues to organize hundreds of New Yorkers to elect progressive officials throughout New York, especially in New York’s Republican-controlled State Senate.

  2. As former Director of TransPAC, Mel brought attention to specific hardships faced by transgender citizens and gained widespread acclaim for advocacy and fundraising to promote transgender rights.

  3. Over three decades, Mel has organized initiatives in buildings, blocks, schools, and community centers to protect and empower our most vulnerable neighbors -- seniors, low-income families, people of color, people with disabilities, LGBT youth, immigrants, women, and children -- by producing tangible, life altering results.

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