The looming threat of climate change will impact people around the earth but also right here at home. We need to be ready for rising sea levels, hotter summers, more serious storms, and do our part to make our neighborhood cleaner, greener, and energy independent.


What Mel Will Do About It

  1. Organize businesses and buildings to recycle, compost, and reuse organic waste.

  2. Expand efforts to cut automobile traffic and make buildings more efficient.

  3. Organize city-wide effort to build infrastructure necessary for renewable power.


What Mel Has Already Done

  1. Chaired the first Green Committee of Community Board 7, providing public education about climate change and energy efficiency.

  2. Organized against dangerous fracking technology and advocated for the elimination of “dirty boilers.”

  3. Initiated a series of community actions to measure and reduce the carbon footprint of the Upper West Side.


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