Local Businesses


Mel knows first-hand the challenges of operating a small business on the Upper West Side. We need a representative who can stand up for our local businesses, not stand with the real estate special interests squeezing them out.


Every avenue on the Upper West Side is littered with empty storefronts. We’ve lost bodegas, butchers, grocery stores, and more. Soaring real estate prices and excessive red tape are crippling our mom-and-pop shops, and the current Council Member has barely noticed.


What Mel Will Do About It

  1. Stand up to developers and rein in the skyrocketing cost of real estate.

  2. Cut red tape for municipal applications, inspections and audits.

  3. Create incentives for landlords to rent to small businesses and require fair lease renewals.

  4. Organize local businesses to pool resources and connect to local consumers.​


What Mel Has Already Done

  1. Worked with Gale Brewer to establish the first-ever storefront zoning law, protecting 500 businesses along Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues.

  2. Consolidated efforts to help local businesses with permit and license applications, connect with each other, and pressure government on their common needs.

  3. Operated his own small business and saw first-hand the challenges faced by small business owners on the Upper West Side.


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