Mel's Top Issues

As a 29-year Upper West Sider who raised two children here, Mel’s top priority is to ensure that our neighborhood remains a place for all of uswith the quality of life, great schools, and livability we deserve.

Mel’s top three issues are:

  • Save local small businesses and fill empty storefronts

  • Fight for public schools and reduce classroom overcrowding

  • Expand affordable housing and services for seniors

In recent years, unregulated overdevelopment and high costs have hurt seniors, overcrowded our schools, and left storefronts vacant as beloved local businesses disappear. Each of these issues has a root problem—New York’s laws favor big real estate over our community. Mel's record of tangible victories over big real estate makes him the best choice to take on these challenges.

As chair of Community Board 7, Mel led groundbreaking negotiations to take on one of the biggest real estate developers in the city. Mel forced the developer to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for the first new public school building on the Upper West Side in 30 years, 600 units of permanent affordable housing, and expansion of Riverside Park, all without taxpayers paying a dime.

Mel is the only candidate in this race who owes nothing to real estate developers—he never has and never will accept contributions from developers.

Mel is the right choice this year to stand up to big real estate and save small businesses, stop overcrowding in our schools, expand affordable housing and services for seniors, and clean up our neighborhood.

With a track record of 29 years of service in our community, Mel knows that being a member of the City Council is about being responsive toand proactive aboutneighborhood needs. Mel will make sure the District 6 office will welcome all who need his help with housing, schools, trash, and the countless other issues that New Yorkers face each day.


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