Stop Out-of-Control Development



Mel stands up to big developers, unlike his opponent. Mel took on one of the biggest developers in the city and won us the school at Riverside Center, permanent affordable housing, and millions for Riverside Park. He'll fight back against skyrocketing housing costs, empty storefronts and jam-packed schools.


New developments replace affordable housing, push out our neighbors, overcrowd our schools, and darken our streets. If we don’t act now, the essential character of the West Side will change irreversibly. Mel is the only candidate in this race who owes nothing to real estate developers - he never has and never will accept contributions from developers.





Stand Up for Our Community



Our city is under attack by Trump, Republicans, and sellout Democrats. Mel understands how it feels to be excluded, singled out, and marginalized. He’ll fight every day to ensure that every one of us is heard, seen, and protected. By voting Mel in as our state’s first-ever transgender elected official, we send a message that hate has no place in New York.


With a track record of 29 years of service to the community, Mel knows that being a member of the City Council is about being responsive to – and proactive about – neighborhood needs. Mel will make sure the District 6 office will welcome all who need his help – with housing, schools, trash, and the countless other issues that New Yorkers face each day.


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