Housing for All - Rent Should be Affordable

  • Preserve subsidized and stabilized housing. Keep folks in their homes.
  • Expand affordable housing options including small-scale apartments and “boarding flats,” and tax empty apartments.
  • Crack-down on abusive and law-breaking landlords.
  • Organize New Yorkers to reclaim home rule of housing from state government.

Good, Accessible Schools - Every Child Deserves a Great Community School

  • Support child-centered curricula, not teach-to-the-test instruction.
  • Keep class sizes small, with space for each child -- no charter co-locations.
  • Develop a priority high school option for School District 3.
  • Expand professional development, mentorship, and support programs that ensure teaching excellence.

Effective Constituent Services - Concrete Results When You Need Help

  • Guarantee a fast, specific response to every constituent request.
  • Maintain a public dashboard of office performance and community feedback.
  • Collaborate with community experts and all levels of government to achieve lasting solutions.


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