As a mom to two great kids, Mel knows that every child on the Upper West Side deserves access to a world-class education. That’s why Mel took on one of the biggest developers in the city to get the new school at Riverside Center for our community. Mel has a record of groundbreaking advocacy for educating every Upper West Side child.


What Mel Will Do About It


  1. Support child-centered curricula, not teach-to-the-test instruction.
  2. Keep class sizes small, with space for each child -- no charter co-locations.
  3. Develop a priority high school option for School District 3.
  4. Expand professional development, mentorship, and support programs that ensure teaching excellence.



What Mel Has Already Done


  1. Stood up to the developers of Riverside Center to win the first new public school in the district in 30 years - paid for by the developers, not taxpayers.
  2. Negotiated a deal in which half of the slots in a new private school were set aside for neighborhood kids.
  3. Served as Chair of the Ethical Culture Fieldston School PTA, championing a successful increase in school diversity from 16% to 40%.


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