Serving the Community

Whether your street is unplowed, your landlord is pressuring you, or your building has lost its heat in the depths of winter, you need immediate help. If you’re a senior, disabled, or sick, these issues can put your life at risk. Unfortunately, we have heard story after story of West Siders who went to the current Council Member’s office looking for help and didn’t get it.


With a track record of 29 years of service to the community, Mel knows that being a member of the City Council is about being responsive to – and proactive about – neighborhood needs. Mel will make sure the District 6 office will welcome all who need his help – with housing, schools, trash, and the countless other issues that New Yorkers face each day.


What Mel Will Do About It

  1. Guarantee a fast, specific response to every constituent request.

  2. Maintain a public dashboard showing office performance and community feedback.

  3. Collaborate with community experts and all levels of government to achieve lasting solutions.


What Mel Has Already Done

  1. When noise from a business became overwhelming, Mel negotiated new agreements keep neighbors happy while helping businesses thrive.

  2. When a disabled member of the community identified dangerous potholes, Mel worked with the DOT to get dozens repaired.

  3. When high-rise construction near a nursery school endangered children, Mel worked with developers to negotiate new safety standards and ensure safety for kids.


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