Planning our transportation infrastructure around cars alone is no longer an effective or a sustainable option. Everyone should be able to get where they’re going easily and safely, whatever mode of transportation they use.


Good transportation is not only about safety and quality of life. It is also about fairness. We should do everything possible to ensure that our transportation system serves those with limited options. Mel will enter the City Council able to draw on his decades of success on transportation issues.


What Mel Will Do About It

  1. Make pedestrian, bike, and mass transit alternatives the top priority.

  2. Correct the shameful lack of reliable subway access for New Yorkers of all abilities.

  3. Implement Barnes Dance or “pedestrian scramble” traffic signals to speed up traffic and keep pedestrians safe.

  4. Crack down on double parking, speeding, and rogue cyclists.

  5. Reform parking to serve those who most need it.


What Mel Has Already Done

  1. Spearheaded the first street redesign on Columbus Avenue, including new bike lanes.

  2. Championed closing the Central Park Loop to cars.

  3. Implemented safety renovations across the district, including slow zones, bump outs, countdown timers, sidewalk benches, and pedestrian islands.

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